2021 Pricing Update

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As part of our ongoing mission to provide best-in-class pet care while offering industry-leading compensation and benefits to our staff, District Dogs will be increasing our rates effective June 1, 2021.

This price increase will include new rates for daycare and boarding services, as well as select à la carte services such as nail grinding and outdoor walks added to daycare and boarding stays. We will also begin charging a fee to feed lunch during daycare or boarding reservations for dogs older than six months in age. Lunch feedings are among the most time-intensive tasks for our staff given that most pups are simply too interested in getting back to playtime with their friends to focus on their meals. Finally, the discount for multiple-dog households will now be 10% off services for each additional dog.

With this change, we are adding a new service offering for dogs who board with us: Private Play and Cuddle Time. Whether your pup needs dedicated playtime for activities like fetch or simply requires a daily dose of one-on-one scritches and pets from a human pal, we’re here to help. One of our professional attendants will spend time with your furry friend in a private play space to make sure your buddy gets the extra attention and care they need.

As noted above, this rate increase will take effect on June 1st. However, any packages purchased between now and that date will be charged at the current rate. Simply log in to your online account to lock in up to 20 days of daycare at the current price!

An updated rate sheet is here as always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Thank you for being a part of the District Dogs family; we’re proud to serve you and your pets every day!

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