5 Benefits of Keeping Your Dog’s Nails Short

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The struggle of cutting your dogs nails and keeping the short is a never-ending battle. There are a lot of benefits that come with keeping your pup neatly groomed. Take a look at our list: #1 Pain-Free Walking: When the long nails touch floors, it puts pressure on the sensitive nails, causing them to be pushed […]

Winter Pet Safety

It’s SUPER COLD OUT (official term). We’ve got some winter safety tips to share, and this post from last year is an excellent reference as well! Keep warm (both of you!) Let’s be honest. No one looks forward to having to head back outside with their dog into freezing temperatures and a chilling wind after […]

How To: Tips to Have your Dog Board like a Pro

The email you’ve been hoping for all day- your dog’s boarding stay at District Dogs is approved! Now what? Don’t be a stranger! If your dog’s first boarding stay is coming up, especially if it’s for more than a night or two, we strongly recommend bringing your dog for daycare a handful of times leading up to […]


At Redfin, we know that the final touch on making your house a home is adding a new pet! Many people find the newest member of their family is a rescued pet. Adopting a rescue cat or dog is a big responsibility. You aren’t just adding to your family; you are quite literally saving a life. Rescues […]

How To Be A Great Pet Owner When You’re A Busy Professional

Photo via Pixabay by Alexis Author: Jessica Brody Pets are wonderful companions, and for those who live alone they can be a great way to have a friendly, loving face waiting at home at the end of a long day. There are many things to think about before getting your first pet, however, and your […]

Rat Poison Warning in Columbia Heights/Park View

Due to the proliferation of rats in the Columbia Heights and Park View neighborhoods, some residents have taken matters into their own hands by laying rat poison traps throughout the area. Many of these traps, however, were not placed in pet-safe locations and several neighborhood dogs have already taken trips to the emergency room after […]

Helping Your Dog Adjust to New Environments

Since adopting my dog in July 2015, he and I have shared three different apartments with six different people and spent a number of weeks at my parents’ house. Needless to say, I’ve picked up some strategies for helping Brody adjust to new environments. I hope they can help you and your dog as well! […]

Winter Preparation Tips for Happy Dogs

It’s that time again! Temperatures are falling, the hot cider is flowing, and you’ve already heard enough holiday music to last you the year. With the changing weather it’s also time to protect your pup from the snow and ice. Here are a few winter preparation tips to get you started: Keep walks short! Although […]

National Pet Fire Safety Day

by Kathryn Weston July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day Although planning for disaster may be the furthest thing from your mind this summer, fire prevention and safety are vital to protecting your beloved pets in the event of a house fire. National Pet Fire Safety Day was established in 2008 by the American Kennel Club® and ADT Security […]