Professional care, engaging playtime

District Dogs Clarendon provides an enjoyable, fun, and safe experience for your dog. All of our dog daycare locations offer 24/7 supervision by a team of trained attendants. Our daycare staff is committed to providing a fun and healthy atmosphere for your pup to enjoy structured play and exercise—with plenty of time for cooldowns and rest! Our playrooms are equipped with play structures to keep your pup entertained for hours. Protect-All Flooring offers premium underfoot comfort that is soft on joints with superior traction to keep playtime safe and fun. Kuranda® beds and fleece blankets keep your dog cozy when naptime calls.

Safety first

From the moment your dog enters our Clarendon facility, they are in a fully supervised environment. Staff members facilitate socialization and playtime in each of our four playrooms, while enforcing basic training and good manners.

Good, clean fun

District Dogs Clarendon uses state-of-the-art technology to provide a healthy environment for your dog. A dedicated water supply and industrial-grade drainage systems in each playroom allow for easy deep cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day. Above the field of play, six HVAC systems provide the ability to control temperature and air flow on a zone basis—keeping the air clean and fresh and your dog cool and comfortable.

Never miss out on the action

The playrooms at District Dogs Clarendon are equipped with live HD webcams, offering you a chance to check up on your pup throughout the day. Additionally, each dog receives a daily digital report card, keeping you up-to-date on your pup’s experience and the new friends they make during their stay.

Dog Daycare

  • Half Day $35

    Less than 5 hours

  • Full Day $46

Discounted Packages

  • 10 Half day Package $320

    A rate of $32 per day

  • 5 Full Day Package $215

    A rate of $42 per day

  • 10 Full Day Package $410

    A rate of $40 per day

  • 20 Full Day Package $780

    A rate of $39 per day

The Unlimited
Monthly Package

This package is a monthly subscription that allows your dog to come to daycare every day of the month! For frequent guests, this is the most cost-effective package.
$ 700 $23.33 per day
  • Guaranteed entry for daycare every day
  • Free bath every month
  • Discounted boarding
  • Wait-list priority for boarding

Easy Scheduling, Simple Pricing

District Dogs Clarendon utilizes an easy-to-use digital booking system for managing your pet’s reservations. Additionally, one login provides access to services at any of our other locations.