A well-trained dog is a happy dog

Whether learning to obey your commands or learning to play nice with their furry pals, training is a key component of setting your dog up for success. Located in the heart of Arlington, VA and surrounding areas, District Dogs is proud to offer a variety of training classes and programs designed to serve dogs of all ages and the humans who love them!

A positive, professional approach

We stand behind training based on positive motivation with evidence-based outcomes. Emphasizing and encouraging good behaviors helps create happy, healthy dogs who thrive in any environment. Our core model focuses on:

  • Positive motivation to encourage desired behavior (positive does NOT mean permissive);
  • Training protocols based on science-based learning theory;
  • Replacing undesirable behaviors with more appropriate responses;
  • Management for success; 
  • A fair leadership strategy;
  • Clear communication systems;
  • A holistic approach where nutrition, exercise, and enrichment complement training;
  • Having fun and building a relationship.

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