Daycare Capacity Limits to Be Enforced at All Locations

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As we start to see small signs of a return to normal, we’re thrilled that so many of our clients are taking advantage of District Dogs’ daycare services to get their pups some much-deserved playtime out of the house. With this increased demand for service, we are implementing daily capacity limits at all daycare facilities to ensure a safe and fun play environment for each of our canine guests.

To secure your pup’s place at District Dogs for the day, we strongly encourage making a reservation in advance. If you arrive without a reservation and we are at capacity for the day, you will be turned away. Provided there are private boarding suites free at the time, you may book your dog into one of these spaces if you still require care. Please note that private boarding suites carry a higher fee than day care. While they do not include group play, there is a free outdoor walk included with this option.

Clients who have purchased our Unlimited Monthly Package will always have a place at daycare, per the package benefits. If you have purchased one of the 5-, 10-, or 20-day packages, your place is not guaranteed without a reservation.

Our daily capacity limits are designed to make sure each dog in our care has the best possible experience at District Dogs. From avoiding overcrowded play spaces to ensuring our professional staff can provide the best care for your furry friends, these limits are set with your dog’s best possible day in mind. Our easy-to-use digital booking system makes setting up reservations a breeze, and our staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have about booking space for daycare!

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