Daycare Reservation Policy Update

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A handful of times in the last few months, you’ve gotten an email from us saying the daycare has reached capacity and we’re no longer able to accept walk-ins. Since this has happened more often recently, we are enacting a change in our reservation policy that, with your help, will allow us to predict our availability better each day and prevent us from having to turn anyone away!

So, what is changing?


On a daily basis, about 50% of our dogs are walk-ins. Going forward, we highly encourage the use of our reservation system. Submitting a request even the night before can almost guarantee your dog’s space. If we have space on the day of there is no penalty for walking in without a reservation, but we must make you aware that this space is not guaranteed. Please call or email ahead before walking in.

Cancellation Policy

Since we base our ability to accept walk-ins on the number of scheduled reservations, failing to appear for a reservation or cancel after 9 AM the day of, will result in a “No Show” fee of $10. The last thing we want to do is charge someone for a service that is not provided.  That is why it is essential that we all work together to make sure all reservations are accurate, so space for walk-ins is not taken up by dogs who won’t show up.

We strive for a safe, fun environment for your dog and are committed to not overbooking our space. Having an idea of the day’s attendance allows the facility to run more smoothly and most important of all provides a safer place for your dog. Thank you for your understanding and help to make District Dogs the best dog daycare in Washington, DC!

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