District Dogs Remains Open as an Essential Business

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Under DC’s stay-at-home order that took effect on April 1st, businesses deemed essential are able to continue operating, and this includes District Dogs. We are here to make sure that anyone who works in an essential industry does not worry about pet care during this time. We’re also here to continue providing a safe environment for pets throughout the DC area to obtain exercise and activity in a manner consistent with social distancing guidelines.

Dog parks and other recreational spaces for pets may be closed, but our clean, secure facilities allow pets to enjoy socialization and activity while eliminating groupings of humans in the same area. Our playrooms, boarding suites, and grooming areas are regularly cleaned with veterinary-grade cleaning products. Our state-of-the-art ventilation systems maintain a constant supply of fresh, clean air throughout our facilities. Outside of the playrooms, our staff regularly clean and sanitize all common areas of the space.

In addition to our safety and sanitation measures, we have implemented curbside service for pick-up and drop-off and have restricted access to our lobby spaces to District Dogs employees only.  

Although our retail space is closed to outside visitors, clients are still able to purchase food, treats, toys, pet cleaning products, and other essential supplies by calling our locations. Many major online pet retailers are experiencing longer fulfillment and delivery times right now. As a local pet care service offering a variety of products from other small businesses, we’re happy to help you select the right items for your pet. We can add your purchases to your invoice and hand it off to you at curbside pick-up/drop-off.

Keeping Your Pet Happy and Sane During COVID-19

We’re all feeling the strain of the new normal right now, and our pets aren’t immune to the disruption. Pet parents all over are noticing increases in anxious and even destructive behaviors as pets feel the stress of major changes to their normal routines. While the causes of this disruption are outside of your control, there are a few steps that can be taken to provide your pets an outlet for pent-up energy and anxiety.

Regular exercise is one of the most important ways to keep your pet healthy—both mentally and physically. Additionally, experts recommend finding time to be away from your pet to prevent the development of long-term behavioral issues like separation anxiety. Want to combine the benefits of exercise and time apart? Send your pet to District Dogs for a fun play session with their canine pals while you take care of grocery shopping and other essential errands. We offer half- and full-day daycare sessions, and we promise you and your pet will both feel the benefits!

Finally, we wanted to say thank you. We’ve always known our clients were the very best, but this experience has proven to us how strong and special our community really is. We wouldn’t be here without you, and our entire team is incredibly grateful for your continued support.

All the barks,

The District Dogs Team

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