Five Reasons to Use District Dogs

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Being a pet parent is a rewarding experience unlike any other. Our dogs’ capacity for love and their ability to improve our lives is virtually unmatched. Who else is as happy to see us come through the door every day—whether we’ve been at work for eight hours or outside to check the mail for five minutes?

For all the joy it brings, being a dog parent isn’t always a stroll in the park. When busy schedules make it feel impossible to give your dog all the exercise, attention, and playtime they crave, District Dogs is here to help make your life easier. From grooming and training to daycare and boarding, our services are designed to support busy pet parents and make sure their dogs get the very best care.

Haven’t tried us yet? Read on to learn more about the top five reasons to use District Dogs.

Reason 1: Regular Exercise for a Healthy, Happy Pup

Regular exercise plays a vital role in helping your dog maintain a healthy weight along with strong bones and muscles. Being overweight or obese carries serious health risks for dogs, including heart problems, joint aches and pains, increased risk of torn ligaments, and a greater chance of back or hip injuries that may require long-term medical treatment or even surgery. Additionally, just as we gain mental and emotional benefits from regular exercise, dogs who are consistently active often have fewer behavioral issues.

District Dogs offers your dog a fun and healthy way to get in plenty of exercise whether they’re playing with the pack at daycare or strutting their stuff with our professional dog walkers. We offer 15- and 25-minute small group walks and can provide morning, mid-day, evening, and weekend walks to suit your pup’s needs.

Multiple play spaces at each of our daycare and boarding facilities make sure that dogs of all ages and energy levels enjoy the activity level that’s right for them. Our clients will tell you that a day at District Dogs provides plenty of exercise and engagement—even for active young dogs. Client Molly says, “We have two one-year-old puppies who are high energy and super sweet. They are excited to go to DD every morning, and they come home happy and tired from a day of playing with all of their friends.”

Reason 2: A Perfect Outlet for Your Dog’s Social Needs

Aside from the physical exercise involved, socialization with other dogs offers a wide range of benefits to your dog. Regular playtime with their pals helps your dog build confidence, teaches them to observe and understand vital canine social cues, and can lower their overall stress and anxiety levels.

District Dogs offers the optimal social experience for every dog. Our small group walks give your dog a chance to enjoy leashed socialization with a consistent group of friends, and our professional walkers ensure each walk provides a safe and healthy opportunity for exercise and fun. Leeanne, a long-time client, says, “One of the things I love the most about the dog walking program is that it helped to socialize my growing puppy, and in turn teach him manners.”

Our daycare facilities provide a full day of fun and socialization. Play structures in each playroom provide hours of entertainment. When it’s time for a snooze, Kuranda beds throughout the play spaces beds allow your pup to nap in comfort. Plus, you can watch the fun online using on our live HD webcams! New pet parent Ananya says, “We love watching how excited Kaju gets to attend daycare and see his friends every week.”

Reason 3: Peace of Mind for Busy Pet Parents

Your dog is a treasured member of your family, and we know how important it is to feel confident in their happiness and safety when they’re away from you. Choosing to leave your furry family member in the care of someone else is a big decision, and District Dogs is proud to provide a safe, healthy, and fun experience for every dog in our care.

The moment your dog enters one of our dog daycare facilities, they are in a fully supervised environment. Each of our playrooms is staffed by our team of trained attendants and all play areas are cleaned throughout the day. From the floor to the ceiling, our daycare locations are designed to provide a healthy environment for your dogs. We utilize state-of-the art ventilation systems for a constant supply of fresh air, and all play areas are cleaned throughout the day. Protect-All Flooring throughout play spaces ensures premium underfoot comfort that is soft on joints with superior traction—making sure playtime is safe and fun.

Our dog-walking services provide small-group walks with your regular walker, and each of our walkers is trained to care for your dog and your home as if it were their own. Client Leeanne says, “…when I brought home a new puppy District Dogs was one of the first phone calls I made—knowing [our walkers] would be coming by multiple times a day for puppy visits allowed me to go to work without feeling guilty, because I knew Jude would be loved and cared for as much as if I was home.”

Reason 4: A Fun Way to Bring Structure to Your Dog’s Life

We’ve already discussed how important regular exercise and playtime are for your dog. But sometimes creating and maintaining the consistency and structure your pup needs can feel like a full-time job. District Dogs makes it simple and convenient to build and maintain a healthy routine for your dog. Our easy-to-use booking systems make scheduling walks, daycare, and grooming a breeze, while our friendly staff offer curbside service options to make drop-off and pick-up a hassle-free experience.

Our broad range of services also makes it easy to get whatever your pup needs, all in one place. Client Leeanne says, “I feel so lucky to have found District Dogs when I moved into the city with my Great Dane in 2016. I loved that I could work with the same company for all of my pet care needs: daily walks, daycare, boarding, and even cat visits when needed.” 

Beyond walks and daycare, the professional groomers at our Dog Spa help make sure your dog receives the regular coat and nail care they need. Our staff trainers are here to help pups of all ages, and we offer group and private training that covers everything from behavior basics to customized, issue-specific sessions.

Molly, a mom to two young dogs, says, “We had at-home training several times to help us with house-specific training needs and [our trainer] provided very helpful, clear tips that work every time…We really can’t say enough wonderful things about District Dogs. We have other dog daycare and boarding options that are much more convenient to our home, but at the end of the day what is important is the experience, the staff, and the results—and District Dogs wins in all categories.”

Reason 5: A Community Like No Other

We’re a company founded by and for dog lovers. From the beginning, our goal has been to bring a warmth and expertise to pet care and make sure dog owners throughout the DC area have a trusted partner for all their needs. But beyond the services we provide, we’re also proud to be part of building a community of dog owners. We’ve seen dogs form lasting bonds with each other and with our staff. Even better? We’ve seen pet parents form friendships with each other and build lasting relationships that extend outside of District Dogs.

Want to know more about what it means to be part of the District Dogs community? Our clients are happy to tell you in their own words:

“We are thankful to have found an awesome dog parent community at District Dogs! …Through DD, we have had the opportunity to meet other dog parents and had a pawsome puppy party date with Kaju’s best friends at daycare! It wouldn’t have been possible to meet so many dog parents, connect with them and make genuine, long lasting friendships had it not been for how DD brings the community together. We are grateful for what DD is doing for the dog community!” – Ananya, Mom to Kaju

“I really don’t know how I would’ve raised a Great Dane all by myself while working full-time, without District Dogs, it truly takes a village. Their rates for their services are reasonable, their hours are fantastic, and their people are amazing. They’ve also done a great job of building a community: their Happy Hours and event hosting (like photo sessions) have been a really fun way to meet other dog owners and connect with a network of like-minded folks that I’ve really come to enjoy and many that I now call friends. I wholeheartedly recommend District Dogs to any and everyone.”Leeanne, Mom to Jude

“The District Dogs community is wonderful, and the staff are truly fantastic. They always go above and beyond and clearly love their jobs…From answering the million questions we had when we first started bringing our puppies to District Dogs, to helping us feel comfortable and confident when one of our puppies was sick and needed a special diet, to park recommendations, dry shampoo recommendations, and recipes—[District Dogs] is just the best. In addition to the fabulous staff, the other dog parents are really very friendly, and our puppies often have play dates outside of District Dogs with their puppy friends from daycare.” Molly, Mom to Reagan and Walker

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