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Building Good Behaviors in a Social Environment

Whether you have an eight-week old puppy or an eight-year-old dog, a solid training foundation is key to maintaining a healthy and happy relationship with your pet. Dogs of all ages require continued emphasis on encouraging positive behaviors and ongoing opportunities for socialization. Our group training programs cater to dogs at all stages of life and help ensure your dog maintains good manners in and out of your home.

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Puppy Manners Class

Young puppies are very impressionable and their earliest experiences can have lasting effects on their behavior. This six-week class is designed to help puppies grow into well-adjusted dogs. We’ll give you the tools to create a strong foundation of good behavior, while focusing on socialization skills, good manners, and confidence-building. This class is open to puppies between 8 weeks and 6 months of age, with a focus on:

  • Teaching name recognition and attention skills;
  • The art of saying “please”,
  • Basic commands like sit, down, and an introduction to coming when called;
  • Introduction to walking on a leash;
  • Crate training and potty training;
  • Managing chewing and mouthing;
  • Getting your puppy comfortable being handled and groomed;
  • Addressing jumping up;
  • Socialization with other puppies and off-leash puppy play time.

Family Dog Manners Class

Your dog may no longer be a puppy, but that doesn’t mean their training days are over. As dogs hit sexual maturity, it’s vital to maintain a training program built on encouraging good behaviors and providing continued socialization. This six-week class provides an opportunity to continue developing basic skills and good habits—helping your dog understand your expectations so you can both enjoy your life together. This class is open to dogs six months of age and older, with a focus on:

  • Maintaining and building attention skills;
  • Reviewing basic commands like sit, down, and coming when called;
  • Developing impulse control (leave it, settle, stay, and discouraging jumping);
  • Practicing leash greetings and loose leash walking skills;
  • Continued socialization with other dogs and off-leash play time.
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Getting Started with Group Training

Your first class session is humans-only. That’s right, no dogs! Your trainer will go over the basic goals and expectations for the class before your furry friends join the remaining five weeks of fun. There is no prerequisite for attending group manners classes—for you or your dog.

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