Special Summer Offer: 15% Off District Dogs Private Training Packages

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You’re probably spending more time than ever with your dog right now, and maybe the extra time at home has been a good reminder of all the things you love about them. However, this new normal may also be causing some new behavioral issues or simply spotlighting areas where your pup could use a little help in the manners department. That’s why we’re offering 15% off all private training packages, whether you choose an in-home option or training sessions conducted while your dog is at daycare. Offer expires on August 15th, 2020.

The District Dogs Training Difference

We offer a variety of training options to suit every owner and dog, from group classes to private sessions during daycare or boarding stays to custom-crafted in-home training programs. With an emphasis on positive motivation, our training programs encourage good behaviors to create happy, healthy dogs who thrive in any environment. Our core model includes:

  • Positive motivation to encourage desired behavior (positive does NOT mean permissive);
  • Training protocols based on science-based learning theory;
  • Replacing undesirable behaviors with more appropriate responses;
  • A holistic approach where nutrition, exercise, and enrichment complement training;
  • Having fun and building a relationship.

Which Training Option is Right for Your Dog?

Private Training

Private training classes at District Dogs offer an individualized approach to training. Our staff trainer, Sophia, will work with you to understand the behavior issues you’re looking to address and craft a training plan to set you and your dog up for success.

We have several options for private training:

  • Our Play and Train packages offer short sessions of work during daycare visits to brush up on the basics of good canine manners.
  • Board and Train packages cover stays of different lengths and provide a more intensive training program for your dog, along with one-on-one communication with your trainer before and after your dog’s stay.
  • Offering the most customized approach, our In-Home Training packages give you and your dog the chance to work directly with Sophia on your pup’s specific behavioral issues. You’ll reap the benefits too as Sophia empowers you with the tools to keep reinforcing good behaviors long after your last session. Please note that In-Home Training sessions can be conducted in your house, outside in your yard or at a park, or at one of our District Dogs locations. We are committed to maintaining proper health precautions and social distancing measures, and we are happy to work with you on tailoring a program that ensures your comfort and safety.

Learn more about our Private Training packages and book your sessions today!

Group Classes

Group training classes at District Dogs include multiple dogs and owners who participate in a structured training program over several weeks. With different classes designed for puppies and for adult dogs, our group programs provide the support and guidance of a professional trainer to help dogs and their parents master the foundations of good canine behavior while building a stronger bond with each other. Group classes also provide a great opportunity for socialization and play.

Learn more about our Group Training Programs and view our upcoming class offerings.

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