Structured Daycare Success Story: Sam

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Sam shows how Structured Daycare can set your pup up for success! Sam is a sweet puppy who joined our program as soon as he was old enough to. He is an absolute joy to have around!

Sam came to us as a puppy just old enough to use our daycare services. He was immediately very sweet and friendly and a big fan of belly rubs! Since he was so young, he didn’t have much practice with socializing. Even though he was gentle and polite, he was a bit nervous on his first day of daycare. 

Structured Daycare gave him the space to allow him to socialize at his own pace. Within no time, he got over his fears and was playing with anyone that he could! He has gotten to learn social cues and how to play with others in a relaxed environment. Using this foundation, he will be ready to thrive in any environment and make friends wherever he is!

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