5 Benefits of Keeping Your Dog’s Nails Short

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The struggle of cutting your dogs nails and keeping the short is a never-ending battle. There are a lot of benefits that come with keeping your pup neatly groomed. Take a look at our list:

#1 Pain-Free Walking: When the long nails touch floors, it puts pressure on the sensitive nails, causing them to be pushed back up into the nail bed, causing toe joint pressure and/or twisting the toes to the side.

#2 Straighten Up: Short nails result in better body posture! Long nails cause a dog to shift his body posture in an abnormal way.

#3 Pawfect Manicure: With shorter nails, there’s a smaller risk of snagging or breaking the nail into the “quick” or the blood supply of the nail.

#4 Get Down: There’ll be fewer battle scars for you (or your friends) when your pup jumps up for hugs & hellos!

#5 Safe Play: Maintaining your pup’s nails will also protect other pups! When their nails are short there’s less chance of scratching another dog, keeping the playtime light and fun!

The Best Benefit: Let us do it for you! When you bring your pup to daycare, we can grind their nails down for you during their stay and then they can get right back to playing! No time to play? Give us a call and ask to swing by to get them done – we offer nail grinds at both our Park View and Navy Yard locations.

Click here for more information about the benefits of nail trimming.

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