Our enrollment process is designed to create a safe play environment for all of our dogs. First, an online account is created that includes all relevant information and vaccination records.

Once your account has been created, you can schedule an evaluation time. The evaluation is a complimentary two-hour play period that provides an opportunity for us to see how your pup interacts and plays with other dogs.

After the evaluation, your dog will need to complete a full day of daycare before any boarding stay. The first stay can be directly after the complimentary 2-hour evaluation. This ensures that your dog gets to know the routine of District Dogs and our staff can get to know your pup!

Initial evaluations and boarding require reservations. Daycare reservations are highly encouraged, but we are usually able to accept walk-in daycare clients. However, you may want to call ahead to confirm that we have space that day.

We allow tours at all of our daycare and boarding facilities. However, access to some spaces may be limited at the time of your visit due to specific playroom setups and the number of dogs in attendance on a given day.

We require proof of up-to-date rabies, bordetella, and distemper vaccines. You can upload documents from your vet through your account or bring them to your 2-hour evaluation.

While we don’t have a set age limit for visitors, we acknowledge that senior dogs – and particularly those in their teens – are prone to lower bone density, decreased muscle mass, and increased fatigue. These factors can make injury more likely in the high-energy environment of daycare, and older dogs may not be a good fit. 
District Dogs reserves the right to turn away any dogs who may not be physically fit enough for daycare and boarding, and we’re always happy to connect you with our in-home pet sitting team!

All dogs over the age of six months must be spayed or neutered.

We require an evaluation for all new clients before reservations can be booked. This allows us to meet your dog and see how they do in our daycare environment. During the 2-hour evaluation, we look for several things.

  • How does your dog interact with dogs and staff?
  • Is your dog anxious when entering or leaving the playroom?
  • Does your dog know and respond to basic commands?
  • Does your dog “come” when called?
  • Does your dog show signs of aggression towards other dogs or staff?
  • Does your dog understand dog social cues?

If the evaluation goes well, you may extend your dog’s stay to a full day of daycare.

We understand that dogs coming to stay with us from outside the DC area may not be able to come for an evaluation. If your dog has previously stayed with a daycare or boarding facility, we can accept a reference from them in place of the evaluation!

7am — 9pm on weekdays and 9am — 7pm on weekends!

A full day of daycare can span the entirety of our operating hours on a given day, and a half day is for a period of up to 5 hours.

We provide the bed, blankets, and toys; you just need to provide the dog! Please do not bring any bedding or toys from home. If you are bringing your dog’s food from home, please have it in a labeled container with enough portions for their stay. Any medications we need to administer should be brought in their original containers or packaging; do not mix them into your pet’s food. 

If you and your dog are new to District Dogs, we recommend a few days of daycare in advance of a boarding stay. This gives your dog a chance to become comfortable and familiar with the environment at District Dogs and lets us get to know your pup.

Two weeks notice is best so that we can make sure we have the overnight staff scheduled, but we understand things can come up at the last minute. Give us a call if it’s late notice and we’ll do our best to make it work.

Facility-provided food is $2 per meal. You are welcome to bring your dog’s food from home; please have it in a labeled container with enough portions for their stay. We have a fridge to store wet food as well.

Dogs will be dogs. While rare, scratches and light marks from playing will happen every now and then. Our staff is well-trained in judging when to break up play before it becomes too rough. We have an on-site Dog First Aid kit that we use to address any wounds. It is mandatory that all scratches, no matter how big or small, are reported to the owner before the dog goes home.

Our webcams are placed where they can offer the biggest viewing area of the playroom but do not cover all of our play areas. If you can’t see your dog, it doesn’t mean they’re in time out or has been separated—they may be chilling outside camera view!

Some work computers block external video like our webcam, and certain mobile devices aren’t compatible with our webcam services.

If your dog is sick, please do not bring them to daycare. If we notice irregular stool or other signs of sickness, your dog will be separated immediately. Depending on the severity, you or your dog’s emergency contact may be called so the dog can be picked up. Since we are an open-air boarding facility, we cannot keep your dog isolated in a kennel during their time here. For the safety of the other dogs, we cannot allow sick dogs to come to daycare.

Our facilities are completely indoors. If you wish, you can add a walk outside around the neighborhood to your dog’s daycare stay!

Access to fresh water is provided at all times and our professional attendants ensure dogs get regular cooldowns and rest periods. However, most of our visitors play more in a few hours at daycare than they may during an entire day at home! You may notice that your pup is thirsty and tired when they come home. This is normal, just encourage them to drink small amounts of water at a time to prevent vomiting.

You will be contacted immediately while our staff cares for your dog. Several members of our staff are certified in pet first aid, so your dog will be in good hands until you’re able to pick them up. If you are unable to pick them up and your dog needs immediate medical attention, our staff may need to transport the dog to a veterinarian.

There is a cancellation fee of $10 for a daycare reservation that results in a no-show. There is a non-refundable deposit in the amount of 50% of the reservation for boarding cancellations over holiday periods.

Yes, your dog is absolutely welcome to enjoy services from The Dog Spa—even if they don’t regularly attend daycare. You’ll need to create an online account with us and, once that’s done, you can book grooming services at any of our locations.

Yes! Please bring in your dog’s lunch in labeled bag or container.

We try to get as many pictures as we can each day, based on how many pups we can catch sitting still! Feel free to let us know if a picture is really important to you; we’ll absolutely do our best to get one.

You can purchase a package through your online client portal or let our front desk staff know at drop-off/pick-up and they’ll add one to your account!

You can view the training services offered at each of our locations on their individual pages. To book services or inquire about setting up a training package at one of our locations, contact the location directly using the email on their contact page.

Yes! The board and train program includes 2 in-home sessions—one before training starts and a follow-up session afterwards. However, the play and train program only includes email communication with your trainer.

Yes! Please monitor our website, newsletters, and social media accounts for new class announcements.

We use scientifically-sound positive reinforcement methods and strategic management solutions. Our approach is focused on prioritizing key mental health elements in your dog to achieve lasting behavior change while encouraging motivation to learn. Visit our Training page for more detailed information on our core training model.

Our training programs use Gentle Leader head collars, buckle collars, martingale collars, harnesses, and slip leads. No prong collars or e-collars are used. Treats, toys, and sometimes clickers all help make behavior development fun and worthwhile!

Payment is due upon pickup of your pet from boarding or daycare.

Rabies is the only vaccine required for grooming clients. However, if you intend to use any other services (e.g., daycare, boarding, or dog walking) on the same day, then Bordetella and Distemper (DHPP) are also required.

Of course! You’ll have the opportunity to meet your dog’s groomer at the start of your appointment time and at check-out.

Bath and brush service includes a bath, blow dry, brush out, and nail trimming.

This service includes a bath, blow dry, brush out, anal gland expression, nail trimming, and, of course, the cut and style! Each visit ends with a District Dogs bandana or bow for the perfect finishing touch.

Grooming appointments typically take 3-4 hours but may take longer depending on your dog’s coat length and condition, as well as any add-on services you choose for your pet.

All of our locations offer express service for an additional fee. Contact your location for more details.

No appointment is required, but calling ahead of time is helpful.

It depends on your dog’s coat type/length and their activity level. However, most dogs benefit from regular grooming every 1 to 3 months.

No, but we do trim them.

Our services are billed based on the amount of time needed to complete grooming service. If a dog’s coat condition is worse than expected or if their temperament increases the amount of time needed to groom them, the final total for an appointment will be higher.

Our services are billed based on the amount of time needed to perform a service. A dog’s size, temperament, coat length, and coat condition can all affect the time needed to complete grooming services.

Setting up dog walking, puppy visit, or pet sitting services begins by contacting our dog walking and pet sitting general manager. We require this initial step to verify that your address is within our coverage area and that we have walker and/or sitter availability at the time you request service. Simply complete our online contact form at the bottom of this page to get started!

Once your contact form is completed, our dog walking and pet sitting manager will contact you to set up an in-home consultation. This allows us to meet your furry friend(s), answer your questions, and receive keys and access instructions for your home.

Yes, we use the Time to Pet app to manage in-home services. The app allows you to conveniently schedule walks, communicate with your walker or sitter, and receive daily reports after each walk or visit. You can download Time to Pet from the App Store or Google Play.

You can use the messaging feature in the Time to Pet app to communicate directly with your walker.

We try to limit the amount of risk dogs are exposed to on walks. This means we do not take groups of dogs to dog parks; all dogs remain leashed when under the care of our walkers.

For the most part, yes. However, we provide coverage for our walkers if they need a sick day or time off. In those instances, another one of our professional walkers will fill in.

Accidents happen and sometimes dog walkers get locked out! Additionally, we provide coverage for our walkers if they need a sick day or time off. In those instances, another one of our professional walkers will fill in and the second set of keys may be used.

Yes, all of our dog walkers and pet sitters and licensed, insured, and bonded.

All dog walkers and sitters are trained by managers and experienced staff members.

Yes, subject to availability.

Yes, subject to availability.

District Dogs provides mid-day dog walks between the hours of 10:30am — 3:30pm. We do our best to honor any specific timing requests; however, walks are scheduled based on your walker’s entire route. 

Yes, subject to availability.

Our walks are usually composed of two to four dogs who live near each other. Our emphasis on providing a small group setting ensures your dog gets a fun social experience, with plenty of time to stop and do their business! It is a great time for your dog to make friends and practice good leash walking behaviors.

Yes, all daily visits are required to be canceled by 9 pm the night before, or you may be charged for your service.

No, only some locations may offer this service. Please view the services offerings on each location’s services page.

Your items returned will be washed, dried, and folded. There may be leftover fur on the returned items.

We are only able to accept items for laundering as an add-on request for full- and half-daycare reservations. We are unable to hold personal items during boarding visits.

Email the location where you’d like to hold your event for details on availability and scheduling.

Yes, please let us know what you’d like when booking!

Yes, you will have one dedicated staff member in your playroom to assist with cleanup, crowd control, and making sure everyone has a great time!

Yes! Let us know at booking if you need a referral for a pet photographer. 

Unfortunately not. Space can be tight in some of our locations and we need to stick to our head counts.

We will!

No, but you can bring it! It is a completely private event and you are welcome to bring any additional food/beverages you wish.

District Dogs Team

We'd love to answer any question you might have!