Your dog’s home-away-from-home

District Dogs overnight boarding provides an engaging and entertaining getaway for your dog. Boarding at District Dogs allows your pup to enjoy a full day of fun and adventure at daycare with their furry friends. At night, your dog can sleep comfortably on one of our Kuranda® beds in a playroom with the rest of their pals. Or, for some serious R&R, your dog can enjoy one of our private boarding suites.

A safe place to play

District Dogs ensures your peace of mind with 24/7 supervision for your pup while you’re away. Our professional attendants are on-site day and night, making sure each dog in our care enjoys a healthy and safe experience. Daily digital report cards keep you up-to-date on how your furry pal is doing, and you can be a part of your dog’s stay using our live HD webcams.

Professional care you can count on

Whether your dog requires a special diet or medication, our team is here to help. District Dogs’ trained attendants facilitate socialization and play for your dog, while providing the kind of structure your dog needs when away from home. We make sure to set aside plenty of time for rest, meals, and cooldowns throughout your dog’s stay.

Bring home a happy, clean pup

Our on-site grooming and bathing areas allow you to add a bath or grooming session to the end of your dog’s stay with us. After days of romping and fun, we’ll make sure your pup gets a soothing spa session. What better way to come home than with memories of playtime and a fresh, new ‘do?

Private boarding vs group boarding

District Dogs offers two options for overnight boarding, allowing you to choose the experience that’s right for your dog. Group boarding in our open playrooms provides a fun and engaging atmosphere for your pup, with lots of time for play and socialization—think of it like a slumber party for dogs. Our professional attendants are onsite 24/7 to provide fresh water, keep playrooms clean, and enforce good manners and behavior. 

Our private suites provide a relaxing overnight experience for dogs who may need a break from the environment in our playrooms. Our attendants ensure private boarders still get lots of love and attention, all in the comfort of a quiet solo space.

What to know before you board

We provide beds, blankets, and toys for your dog’s stay with us. All you need to bring is your pup! If you are bringing food from home for your dog, please have it in a clearly labeled container, with enough portions for their entire stay. Any medications we need to administer should be brought in their original containers or packaging; do not mix them into your pet’s food. If you and your dog are new to District Dogs, we recommend a few days of daycare in advance of a boarding stay. This gives your dog a chance to become comfortable and familiar with the environment at District Dogs and lets us get to know your pup.

For more information, visit our FAQs page

What to expect when you get home

While boarding at District Dogs, our canine guests enjoy hours of fun and play time with their friends. Access to fresh water is provided at all times and our professional attendants ensure dogs get regular cooldowns and rest periods. However, most of our visitors play more in a few days with us than they may in a week or two at home! You may notice that your pup is thirsty and tired when they come home. This is normal, just encourage them to drink small amounts of water at a time to prevent vomiting.

Flexible Scheduling, Straight-Forward Pricing

Book hotel reservations using our easy-to-use digital booking system; one login provides access to services at any of our locations. Hotel reservations are for a 24-hour period. If the last day goes beyond 24 hours, an appropriate half or full day of daycare charge will be added.