Your dog’s home-away-from-home

Experience the best in dog boarding with District Dogs. Our overnight boarding offers a delightful and engaging retreat for your dog. During their stay, your pup will relish a day full of excitement and camaraderie at our daycare, socializing with their furry friends. Come nightfall, they can rest peacefully on a comfortable Kuranda® bed alongside their pals in our spacious playrooms. For those in need of extra tranquility, we offer private boarding suites for ultimate relaxation and comfort. District Dogs ensures a memorable pet hotel experience, combining fun, safety, and luxurious care for your beloved pet.

A safe place to board

At District Dogs, we prioritize your peace of mind with round-the-clock supervision for your dog. Our expert attendants, present both day and night, ensure that every dog enjoys a safe and healthy stay in our pet hotel. To keep you connected and informed, we provide daily digital report cards detailing your pup’s activities and well-being. Plus, with our live HD webcams, you can watch and be a part of your dog’s boarding experience, no matter where you are. Trust in our dog boarding services for unparalleled care and attention for your beloved furry companion.

Professional care you can count on

At District Dogs, we cater to every unique need of your furry friend, including special diets and medication requirements. Our professionally trained attendants specialize in creating a nurturing environment for your dog, promoting socialization and structured play. This approach ensures your dog receives the balanced care they need while away from home. We prioritize ample time for rest, nutritious meals, and cooldown periods during your dog’s stay, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free experience in our pet hotel. Trust us to provide the exceptional pet care your dog deserves during their boarding with us.

Bring home a happy, clean pup

Enhance your dog’s stay at our pet hotel with our on-site grooming and bathing services. After enjoying days filled with fun and play, treat your pup to a relaxing spa session. Our skilled grooming team is ready to pamper your dog, ensuring they return home not just happy, but also looking their best with a fresh and stylish new look. It’s the perfect way to wrap up their stay – full of cherished playtime memories and the luxury of a soothing grooming experience.

Private boarding vs group boarding

District Dogs proudly offers two distinctive overnight boarding options, tailored to suit your dog’s preferences. Our group boarding in open playrooms is akin to a joyous slumber party for dogs, buzzing with playful socialization and fun. It’s a vibrant setting supervised 24/7 by our professional attendants, who ensure continuous fresh water, cleanliness, and good behavior.

For dogs seeking a more tranquil experience, our private suites offer a serene overnight retreat. Here, our attentive staff provide ample love and care, ensuring each dog enjoys a peaceful stay in their own quiet, comfortable space. Choose the ideal boarding experience for your pet at District Dogs, where every stay is a blend of safety, comfort, and enjoyment.

What to know before you board

District Dogs ensures a cozy stay for your dog, providing all essentials like beds, blankets, and toys. Just bring your pup and their food in a clearly labeled container, and we’ll handle the rest. Medications should be in original containers, separate from food. For newcomers, we suggest a few days of daycare prior to boarding to acclimate your dog to our environment. This helps them feel at ease and allows us to better understand their needs. For detailed guidelines and tips, please check our FAQs page.

What to expect when you get home

At District Dogs, our overnight dog care is designed to maximize your pet’s enjoyment and well-being. Our professional pet attendants provide constant access to fresh water and ensure that every dog enjoys a balanced schedule of play, cooldowns, and rest. This attention to detail means that during their dog boarding stay, many of our canine guests engage in more activity than usual. As a result, it’s common for pets to return home both content and tired. Should you notice your furry friend seems more thirsty or fatigued after their stay, we recommend offering water in small amounts initially to avoid discomfort.

Flexible Scheduling, Straight-Forward Pricing

Book hotel reservations using our easy-to-use digital booking system; one login provides access to services at any of our locations. Hotel reservations are for a 24-hour period. If the last day goes beyond 24 hours, an appropriate half or full day of daycare charge will be added.