Professional care, engaging playtime

At District Dogs, we pride ourselves on offering an unmatched, enjoyable, and safe dog daycare experience. Every one of our dog daycare centers ensures round-the-clock supervision by a team of professionally trained attendants, emphasizing dog daycare safety at all times. Our dedicated daycare staff creates a dynamic, healthy environment where your furry friend can engage in structured play, exercise, and beneficial cooldowns. The playrooms, adorned with stimulating play structures, guarantee hours of entertainment. With Protect-All Flooring, we ensure comfort and safety, providing a gentle surface that’s easy on joints and offers excellent traction. When it’s time to rest, our Kuranda® beds and soft fleece blankets provide the ultimate cozy retreat for your pup. Choose District Dogs for a dog daycare experience that balances fun, safety, and comfort, catering to the well-being of your beloved pet.

Safety first

Every aspect of our District Dogs daycare locations, from the floor to the ceiling, is thoughtfully designed to foster a healthy and safe environment for your dogs. We’re equipped with advanced ventilation systems, ensuring a continuous flow of fresh air, vital for your pet’s well-being. Moreover, our play areas undergo frequent cleaning throughout the day, maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and safety. This attention to detail in creating a health-focused space reflects our commitment to offering the best in dog daycare and pet care services

Good, clean fun

To ensure the best environment for your dogs, District Dogs’ daycare locations are meticulously designed for their health and safety. From floor to ceiling, each aspect is considered, including state-of-the-art ventilation systems that guarantee a continuous supply of fresh, clean air. Additionally, we maintain rigorous cleanliness by cleaning all play areas regularly throughout the day. This commitment to a healthy, fresh environment is central to our top-quality dog daycare services, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for your beloved pets.

Never miss out on the action

At District Dogs, we go the extra mile to keep you connected with your pup. Our dog daycare facilities feature live HD webcams, allowing you to peek into your dog’s day from anywhere, anytime. Plus, we provide a daily digital report card for every dog, offering insights into their experiences, activities, and new friendships they’ve formed during their stay. These personalized updates ensure you’re always in the loop about your pup’s daycare adventures, reflecting our commitment to transparent, top-tier pet care and enhancing your peace of mind while you’re apart.

Easy Scheduling, Simple Pricing

Our dog daycare locations offer an easy-to-use digital booking system for managing your pet’s reservations. One login provides access to services at any of our locations.