New at Park View: District Dogs’ First Private Outdoor BarkPark

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Finding a safe, enclosed space to let your dog enjoy off-leash time isn’t always easy in DC. Knowing how valuable socialization and play are for your dogs, District Dogs is excited to announce the opening of our private, membership-based outdoor Bark Park in the heart of Park View. 

Conveniently located adjacent to our Georgia Avenue location, this fully fenced enclosure offers 1700 square feet of outdoor space for dogs to enjoy off-leash play and exercise while a dedicated tap spigot ensures a fresh supply of water. The space will be open to only to Bark Park members and can also be booked for private events. 

Membership Details

As a private facility, membership is required to use the Bark Park space. 

  • Membership is $65 for single dog households and $85 for multi-dog households; membership fees are billed monthly. 
  • Members will receive a passcode for the gate keypad. This code will be updated monthly and will only be sent to members with accounts in good standing.
  • To purchase and manage your membership, you must register for a Gingr account. This is the same software used for Daycare and Boarding reservations.
  • Bark Park hours are 7:00am – 9:00pm Monday through Friday. The park may be unavailable at certain times during those hours for scheduled events.
  • Members must agree to and abide by all Bark Park rules, as posted in the park and outlined in their membership agreement.
  • Members of the Bark Park will also receive complimentary admission to many of the events hosted at the park—including holiday parties, yappy hours, and BarkFit classes.

Join the Bark Park Pack today!

District Dogs Bark Park Rules

District Dogs, Inc. and its staff are the managers responsible for enforcement of the following rules, with the assistance of the DC Metropolitan Police Department and other appropriate DC agencies. Use of the District Dogs Bark Park signifies your agreement to abide by these rules. District Dogs, Inc. reserves the right: (1) to ban individual dog owners and/or dogs from the Bark Park in case of persistent or repeated violations of these rules; and (2) to modify these rules at any time without prior notice. 

All individuals use the park at their own risk. District Dogs, Inc. shall not be liable for any injury, damage, or loss suffered in or around District Dogs Bark Park.

Pursuant to District of Columbia Municipal Regulations Title 11 Subtitle H § 1101.4(g), outdoor yards are not permitted for dog daycare facilities. No dogs in this park are currently participating in District Dogs daycare or boarding, nor are any dogs in this park under the care of District Dogs staff members.

  1. The Bark Park is open only during posted hours—from 7:00am to 9:00pm, Monday through Friday. No persons or dogs are permitted in the Bark Park outside of these hours.
  2. The District Dogs Bark Park is open only to members with accounts in good standing. Members shall not open the gate and admit non-members to enter the park. 
  3. Every dog entering the Bark Park must be accompanied by a dog handler aged sixteen (16) years of age or older who shall be personally and legally responsible for that dog at all times. No one younger than ten (10) years of age is permitted in the Bark Park; children between ten (10) and fifteen (15) years of age are permitted only when accompanied by an adult. 
  4. No unattended dogs are permitted in the Bark Park, and no more than three (3) dogs are permitted per dog handler.
  5. Dog handlers must maintain visual contact and have voice control over their dog(s) at all times while using the Bark Park. 
  6. All dogs entering the Bark Park must display a current rabies vaccination tag and a valid dog tag issued by the DC Department of Health.
  7. No more than eighteen (18) dogs are allowed in Bark Bark Park at any one time. When capacity is reached and others are waiting, please limit your stay to thirty (30) minutes.
  8. All dog(s) must be leashed when entering and exiting the Bark Park. Spike and/or choke collars are not allowed in the Bark Park. District Dogs Bark Park has a double entry gate system to ensure that unleashed dogs cannot escape from the park. Both entry gates shall not be opened at the same time.
  9. While vigorous dog play is expected, aggressive dogs are not permitted. Any dog behaving aggressively must be leashed immediately and removed from the Bark Park.
  10. Dog handlers should report all animal bites to DC Animal Control at (202) 576-6664 within twenty-four (24) hours of the incident.
  11. Excessive barking is not allowed. 
  12. Dog handlers must collect and bag all solid waste produced by their dog(s) and dispose of it in the waste stations provided in the Bark Park. No smoking, glass containers or eating within the Bark Park. Every member is responsible for keeping the park clean!
  13. For the safety of all dogs, the following dogs are not allowed in the Bark Park: (a) female dogs in heat; (b) dogs under four (4) months of age; and (c) dogs declared dangerous or potentially dangerous by the DC Government.

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