Operation Spaw Day

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Who doesn’t love a day at the spa? A full pedicure, a haircut, an anal gland expression… oh, sorry humans – we’re talking about the DOG spa!

For most dog owners, grooming is a necessity that we factor into our budget just like any other pet expense, and when it comes to canine health, proper grooming is just as vital as a balanced diet and regular vet visits. Keeping our pups’ coats clean, detangled and flea-free is important for their well-being, so we happily spend the money to have Fluffy pampered by a professional every few weeks.

Unfortunately, though, many of our fellow community members are feeling the economic strain brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The last year has left many people left with difficult choices – deciding between which bills to pay, choosing how to stretch their food budget, and changing jobs in order to provide for their families. Their pets are also worse off as owners have to put off regular grooming appointments because they simply can’t spare the expense. 

Unkempt coats can cause a variety of health issues for all dogs, including itchy and irritated skin, and hair loss. Matted coats are a very serious issue of their own, and as the hair tightens on a dog’s skin, it causes irritation and wounds that can lead to life-threatening infections in addition to severe discomfort. Untrimmed nails put undue strain on dogs’ paws and can cause permanent damage to their joints and feet. All of these issues are fully preventable, but when you’re already stretching every dollar to support your family, it can be difficult to prioritize making regular grooming appointments

At District Dogs, we care about every dog in our community, and we don’t think wealth should be a barrier to keeping any dog clean and healthy. That’s why we’ve developed our newest community-focused initiative: Operation Spaw Day. 

Operation Spaw Day seeks to make grooming accessible to every member of our community. The last Thursday of each month, our entire grooming calendar is reserved for free grooming services for those who otherwise cannot afford it. We will be offering free baths for short-haired dogs and baths and haircuts for long-coated dogs, as well as anal gland expressions and nail trims. For long-coated dogs, owners can choose between a sanitary groom or a full-body shave, and in this instance, we will make every effort to keep the dogs’ hair as long as we are able. Our goal is to make dogs who would otherwise go without grooming feel clean, healthy and comfortable.

To schedule an appointment for Operation Spaw Day, all a prospective client must do is call the Shaw location (202 506-2624) of District Dogs and request an appointment; appointments are available between 9 AM and 4 PM. OSD clients are not required to be current District Dogs clients, and do not have to present any form of ID or proof of economic need; all that is required is proof of their dog’s rabies vaccination. 

District Dogs is seeking to make dog grooming accessible for all. If you know of anyone in need who would benefit from a free groom through Operation Spaw Day, please refer them to us so we can get them on the schedule.

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