Is it Time to Resume Regular Dog Walks?

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It sometimes feels hard to even remember what life looked like pre-COVID. For humans, that means we end up forgetting what it’s like to go out to restaurants, happy hours, or the movies. But for our dogs, it can mean they’ve forgotten what it’s like for us to go away at all. 

While the extra time with their human pals is a positive in their eyes, allowing our constant presence to become the new normal can set our pups up for heartbreak in the long run. Even if a return to the office still feels far away, with more shops and restaurants opening every day it’s likely we’re all in the process of slowly transitioning to a world where we rely less on delivery and more on running errands out of the home again. This means longer periods of time alone for our dogs, and it’s important for every owner to recognize the big impact that shift could have for them.

(Re)Establishing a Routine for Your Dog

There have been plenty of articles written about the increase in separation anxiety many dogs are experiencing due to all that extra time at home with us. One thing that nearly every trainer and vet agrees upon is the importance of establishing (or re-establishing) a consistent routine to help your dog prepare for longer separations. A big part of this is regularly observing time away from your dog to help them learn that, as scary as it may seem, the separation is only temporary.

We’ve previously shared our advice on building an exercise routine for your pup, and it’s important to note that incorporating regular walks with a professional walker can be a key way to blend exercise with necessary separation time. Additionally, the exercise provided by a nice long walk can offer big rewards when it comes to keeping your dog calm and happy. 

Making Time Apart Fun through Socialization

A surefire way to help your dog enjoy their time away from you is if it includes the chance to socialize with new (and old) canine pals. The importance of socialization for dogs goes well beyond fun, and our small group dog walks provide a controlled and monitored chance for your pup to enjoy time with friends. 

District Dogs focuses on providing small group walks with friendly neighborhood pups. Rather than large packs (which may be overwhelming for a dog dealing with anxiety), our walks are usually composed of two or three dogs who live near each other. Our emphasis on providing a small group setting ensures your dog gets a fun social experience, with plenty of time to stop and do their business.

Keeping You and Your Dog Safe

District Dogs’ walkers are committed to making each walk fun and healthy for your pup. From monitoring problematic behaviors to helping reinforce good canine manners, our professional walkers are your ally in making sure your pup gets the most out of every walk. Additionally, you’ll receive a personalized electronic message from your dog walker once the walk has been completed.

Our commitment to safety doesn’t just stop with your pup though. Every District Dogs walker is equipped with protective equipment—masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer—to keep things clean and safe on visits to pick up our canine clients. We’re also happy to meet you at the door or outside your home for handoff, and we’re always open to working with you on building a protocol that makes you feel comfortable and safe. 

Finally, our convenient mobile app allows you to easily schedule your dog’s daily walks right from your phone. If you need to cancel a scheduled walk or even let your walker know about a special need or request for your pup, you can do it all from the app in a contact-free way.

We encourage you to reach out to us at with any questions or concerns. Or, to start service, you can log in to your dog walking account and book walks today.

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